International student’s week

Dates depend on the location
Helsinki Metropolia University, CEESO Lyon and ioB Bordeaux

Participate in the international student’s week of educations where Osteon teachers have been teaching for many years.

An international student’s week is a week where the organizing school is open for students from abroad to follow courses. You receive courses from teachers from different countries and you are taken care of by the local students, combining osteopathy and local culture. In

2024-25 you are invited to the international student’s week of Metropolia Helsinki university, CEESO Lyon and IOB Bordeaux.

Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and degree programme in osteopathy warmly welcomes lecturers and students from its partner institutions to exchange knowledge, experiences, and ideas as well as to create inspiring networks.

The details for the Metropolia Helsinki university 2024:







Preliminary programme of the week

The programme starts on Monday morning at 9 am 11 March with an orientation and campus tour for all visiting students. Lectures and workshops will be open for the students from Monday to Friday. The student clinic will be running during the international week. Visiting lecturers are welcome to suggest topics and host workshops during the week. The finalized programme will be sent out in January 2024.


Fees and costs

There is no participation fee for the International Week for Osteon or WOMA students. However, the participants are responsible for all costs (including travel, accommodation and living).



There is a limited number of spaces available. Please do not make travel arrangements before you have received a confirmation from us.

Students, please register through this e-form before 15 February 2024

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