Postgraduate courses

Osteon is about connecting people, connecting osteopaths and self-connection.

Find and feel this connection.

Manipulations, the next level, Bratislava
27 -29 June 2024
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Applied Peripheral Neurology: Bratislava
Raymond Perrin
THE (G)LYMPHATIC SYSTEM like you never saw it: insights & applications
Vanheester Dirk
Biomarkers, understanding the signals of the human body
Wednesday 8 to Friday 10/5 Part 1 & Friday 31/5 to Sunday 2/6 Part 2

Your own ideas and input, both for the basic education as for the postgraduate courses, take up your learning process and participate, this is your education.

Don’t postpone to a day, but make today day one.

Osteon is an open-minded education and listens to your ideas and your suggestion for events to make a better connection.