Meet the education

The academic year

The 4-year education has 8 course weekends per year (plus exams). 
The year starts in October and ends in May or June.
Per year you have:  
• 4 practical weekends
• 4 theory weekends
• 2 theory online exams
• 1 practical exam weekend
• Second attempt (theory online and practical exams at Osteon)

Course organization

You can follow theory classes: 
• virtual online recorded, on your own timing & focus
• virtual online live interactive from your comfortable location
• virtual online live interactive with your classmates at the place you prefer
• live in the online classroom where the course is recorded while you participate
Experience the options of innovation in osteopathic education: hybrid learning. Hybrid both in location and time (synchronic or a-synchronic).
All courses are taught in English. All materials (eg. power-point hand outs) are in English.


  1. October 2023: 12-15/10/23
  2. November 2023: 23-26/11/23
  3. January 2024: 25-28/01/24
  4. April 2024: 25-28/04/24

The practical exams are organized: May 2024: 23-24-25/05/24


The dates for 2024-25 are:

1. 10 to 13 October 2024: Practical weekend 1

2. 31 October to 3 November 2024: Practical weekend 2

3. 23 to 26 January 2025: Practical weekend 3

4. 24 to 27 April 2025: Practical weekend 4

22 to 24 May 2025: Practical exam weekend


Tuesday 21/01/25 dissection at the university of Antwerp and Experimental anatomy on Wednesday 22/01/25 at Osteon


A practical weekend

Your practical course weekend starts on Thursday 10AM and finishes on Sunday noon 13h50. The first weekend of the year you are invited to the ‘opening of the year’ from 8AM. Per academic year you have 4 practical weekends.

During a practical course you have 4 teaching blocks on Thursday, starting at 10 AM to 18h50. You have 5 teaching blocks on Friday and Saturday, starting at 8AM to 18h50. On Sunday you have 3 teaching blocks, starting at 8AM until 13h50. On course weekends you are invited to come on Wednesday evening and sleep at Osteon or where you prefer and start on Thursday from 8AM to practice your skills, but this is not obligatory. Class starts on Thursday at 10AM.

The practical exams are organized in May or June. The second attempt is organized in September.

At the Warschau Medical Academy WAM (in Warschau Poland) you have the opportunity to catch up practical weekends at WOMA (Warsaw Osteopathic Medicine Academy) or to follow practical weekends again if you want. At WOMA the teaching language is English, with translation to Polish. Some teachers teach in Polish, then translation to English is provided. At WOMA there are 5 practical teaching weekends of 2.5 days. Friday and Saturday 8AM until 18h50 and Sunday 8AM until 13h50. You can attend class at WOMA on the condition you inform the secretariat and based on availability.


1. October: 27-28-29/10/23
2. December: 8-9-10/12/23
3. February: 23-24-25/02/24
4. March: 15-16-17/03/24
Theory exams online: 13/01/24 part 1 & 18/5/24 part 2 (both online from where you want)

Dates Osteon 2024.25:

1.  25 to 27 October 2024: online theory weekend 1

2. 29 November 2024 to 1 December 2024: online theory weekend 2

3. 11 January 2025: online theory exam part 1

4.  31 January 2025 to 2 February 2025: online theory weekend 3

5. 14 to 16 March 2025: online theory weekend 4

6. 10 May 2025: online theory exam part 2

Theory course weekends start on Friday 8AM and finish on Sunday noon 13h50. Theory course weekends are organized at the university in Warschau Poland at WOMA. You are welcome to follow:
• live in Warschau, or 
• online live from Osteon in Raeren, or
• online live from where you prefer
• or watch the recorded classes (again) at your own timing.
You can ask your questions live or digital both during and after the course. 
In the case you decide to follow live in Warschau or Raeren, you have to inform the secretariat minimum one month before the course weekend, to provide time to organize the logistics (eg. catering).
After your registration, you will receive all information concerning the platform, your login and password.
You have 4 theory online weekends per academic year.
During a theory course you have 5 teaching blocks on Friday and Saturday and 3 teaching blocks on Sunday. Each course day starts at 8AM. On Friday and Saturday, we finish at 18h50. On Sunday we finish at 13h50.
To reduce your study load, there are 2 theory exams.
• There is an online theory exam in January, approximately a month after the 2nd theory weekend of December. The 1st theory exam is organized on a Saturday in mid-January and is online, so you take the exam from home or from a location you prefer. The topics of this exam are the theory courses that are already finished. The topics covered in this exam are not repeated during the 2nd theory exam at the end of the academic year. 
• After the 4th theory online course weekend, the 2nd online theory exam is planned. The topics are the remaining topics after the 1st theory exam. This exam is also online from home or from a location you prefer.
• Courses that were not passed can be re-taken in September during the online theory exam of the 2nd attempt. The topics for the 2nd attempt are the topics of the whole year.

Teaching team

It goes faster with the master: your teaching team is experienced both in didactics as in osteopathy.
Be impressed and eager to start your study under close tutoring by this powerful team.
Feel the passion for the profession and the expertise of the staff.

Each of the 4 practical weekends, an osteopathic icon is invited for the after-class bonfire moment. Be surprised and amazed by the mystery guest that boosts your connection with osteopathy.


Osteopathy education has never been more accessible.
No KMOP or other funding is applicable. Your price does not depend on governmental decisions.

To estimate the cost of your education:

You can sleep for free at the course location, if you prefer to use a hotel or B&B, add 4 practical weekends and 1 exam weekend of hotel or air B&B cost and transport (5 times per year to Raeren).

€ 2860 / YEAR

€ 11440 / 4 YEARS

Investing in your future has never been clearer or more affordable.
This price includes:
  • A well-designed curriculum 
  • 4 online course weekends
  • 4 practical course weekends
  • Dissection at the University of Antwerp and experimental anatomy at Osteon
  • 2 online theory exams (and if applicable 1 second attempt theory online exam)
  • Practical exams (and if applicable 1 second attempt practical exam)
  • Course material
  • Expert guidance
  • Coffee & thee during the practical course weekends.
  • Place to stay for free overnight at course location (or paid in a nearby hotel or bed & breakfast)

Your education is designed to conform to the European norm for Osteopathy CEN and OsEAN norm.
Accreditation of both these norms is actively pursued.
An experienced advisory board has been established to ensure your education is of the highest quality, and feedback mechanisms are functioning at its best potential.

Osteon delivers a DO or Diploma in Osteopathy and not an MSc. The link with WAM university is strong and WAM is in active pursued of an accredited MSc Osteopathy. As soon as this process is successfully completed you will be informed, and you will receive the information on how to make the conversion to your MSc Osteopathy.

The Osteon project was presented to the Belgian professional organization and Dutch register and has its support. You will see delegations of the professional organizations during your practical exams and dissertation defense.

Osteon provides many apprenticeship options, not only at private clinics, but also sports events, festivals, missions abroad and a new project that will be revealed during the first practical course weekend.

Dissertation topics are rooted in these project, providing you the tutoring and access to subject at the same time, while doing apprenticeship.

Osteon provides apprenticeship both in a paid clinical setting, as in a free-health care to build a better world. Be amazed and intrigued by the projects. Experience these career-changing projects and connect.

If you can travel to Osteon by car, check with your colleagues to car-pool and park your car on the grass on your right side when you enter the domain. If you travel by train, contact us so we can help you arrange transport to the course.

Osteon provides a homey setting to provide the best study atmosphere. Bring your slippers and comfortable clothes. Each teaching room is equipped with treatment tables and coffee & tea, bring your own mug. The course location is in nature, so don’t be surprised if the teacher takes you outside to practice or discuss in the sun or snow. Bring clothes that suit the weather conditions from that time of the year.

You can sleep for free at Osteon, bring your sleeping gear and towels. Or, book accommodation nearby.

Order food online or use the kitchen and eat in the garden enjoying the sunset. Continue to breathe osteopathy around the fire place or BBQ, so bring warm clothes that love the smoke of the fire. In the mood for a restaurant? Check out the variety of restaurants close by or drive 15 minutes to Aachen or Eupen to enjoy the vitality of a city.

A refrigerator is provided so you can store your food and drinks for your meals. You can use the kitchen but keep it clean and take your trash with you, like you do in nature: leave nothing but footprints.

Enjoy the nature and recharge your batteries, bring your gear to hike, run, MTB, cycle … combing optimal study with unwinding and volume-up your study-life balance.

Osteon is about connection, so check with your colleagues what gear to bring for the teambuilding activities that are planned for that weekend. There is no bad weather, only inappropriate gear.

Osteon is about connection, so check with your colleagues what gear to bring for the teambuilding activities that are planned for that weekend.

There is no bad weather, only inappropriate gear.