Kevin Boddaert 


Experience in osteopathy

Experience in teaching

In addition to my clinical practice, I have the honor of teaching at the osteopathy program since 2014. This role allows me to share my passion for osteopathy with future generations of healthcare professionals. I strongly believe in passing on knowledge and experience to others, and I am determined to help my students grow and excel in this captivating field. The main topics within which I primarily teach are ‘anatomy’, ‘history, philosophy, and principles of osteopathy’, and ‘soft tissue techniques’.

Graduated in

Master's degree in physiotherapy in 2009


About Me

My name is Kevin Boddaert, and I am a passionate osteopath with a rich background in healthcare. My journey began with the completion of my Master's degree in physiotherapy in 2009, and since then, I have dedicated myself entirely to the fascinating world of osteopathy.

My Education

In my quest for in-depth knowledge and expertise, I pursued osteopathy training at FICO in Antwerp,Belgium. This was a pivotal step in my career and has enabled me to assist my patients in an even more effective manner. My commitment to the field goes beyond just obtaining degrees; I continuously study and further my education to keep my knowledge up-to-date. My greatest interest lies primarily in anatomy and its various dimensions, aiming to better understand how this complex system can function so beautifully.

Collaboration and Quality

My belief in collaboration has led me to outstanding colleagues at 'Osteo Boho' and 'Praktijk voor osteopathie Wilrijk' ( Together, we form a strong team committed to maintaining the highest possible standards of quality in our practice. We share knowledge, experience, and insights to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care.