Hands with Heart Reunion & Ukraine support

Wednesday 24 April 2024
What is Hands with Heart?

The Hands with Heart Foundation is based on an international volunteering program established in 2016. It gathers students, junior, and senior professional therapists from all over the world to provide healthcare services and treatments, primarily but not exclusively through manual therapies, to children and young adults in need. Hands with Heart also shares different approaches and therapeutic modalities with local healthcare therapists, encouraging continuous professional development by delivering workshops and internships.


In the past years Osteon teachers Jorge, Inge and Jory were tutoring several volunteers during multiple missions in various continents.

The mission helped many of the volunteers and tutors to become what they now are.

Volunteers and tutors became colleagues and friends for life.

The time has come for a reunion!


Hands With Heart Reunion
Wednesday, April 24, 2024
At Osteon, Raeren, Belgium

10:00 AM Welcome & catching up
11:00 AM Teaching: Communication, by Jorge Aranda
12:30 PM Break
1:00 PM Teaching: 7 axes of osteopathy in children with special needs, by Jory Pauwels
2:30 PM Lunch Break
3:30 PM Tutoring: Treating kids with special needs together with an HwH tutor
6:30 PM Reunion drink & BBQ (bring your own food & drinks)
Free accommodation at Osteon (bring your sleeping gear)

You are invited to stay for the Osteon practical course weekend April 25-28 for free,
Where Jorge teaches pediatrics and clinical integration.

Don't forget to register so sufficient kids can be invited for the practical tutoring.

See you soon!

What if I did not (yet) go on a Hands with Heart mission?

This is your moment to meet us, talk to the volunteers who participated (some even in 4 missions), ask all your questions, and feel the Hands with Heart vibe.

The upcoming missions will be presented with dates. You can ask all your questions.

Follow Hands with Heart on Instagram to be amazed and updated:

  • Argentina
  • Bali
  • Costa Rica
  • Ukraine (when the safety of volunteers is guaranteed)
  • Belgium



Goals of Hands with Heart


Provide free healthcare to children and adults with disabilities who have limited to no access to healthcare.


Share your experience with professional colleagues and local families.


Enhance your skills with training modules through the Hands with Heart Academy.

Help to equip a new rehabilitation department in Ukraine
Help and collaborate to equip a new rehabilitation department at the Hospital of the central city of Novovolynsk in Ukraine with rehabilitation materials.
Hands With Heart has been conducting humanitarian actions by providing osteopathic treatments to soldiers wounded in combat in Ukraine, specifically in Lviv, since April 2023.
So far, Hands with Heart teachers and inspirers Jorge and Jory have provided osteopathic treatments, but once the situation is safe, missions for volunteers will be organized. Missions will be announced on the Hand with Heart and Osteon connect webistes.
We currently have a collaboration agreement with the Galychyna military rehabilitation hospital. Recently, Novovolynsk Central City Hospital reached out to us, seeking support and assistance in caring for their patients and in equipping their new rehabilitation department, which they had to establish suddenly due to the high number of casualties and patients they receive daily.
It is our intention to uphold our commitment to supporting the Ukrainian people on their own territory. Therefore, we wish to extend the opportunity to support this initiative to all our contacts who sympathize with it and have the ability to donate new or used materials.
We will personally be responsible for storing, transporting and delivering these donations next May.
KNP "Novovolynsk Central City Hospital" asks you to provide humanitarian assistance for the rehabilitation and care of seriously ill servicemen who have suffered various injuries.
Please find the list of needed materials below.
The collection points are:
  • Material delivery point Spain: Location Rosalía de Castro 25, Barcelona
  • Material delivery point Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany: Osteon in Raeren, located where the 3 countries meet
From there the transport will go direct to the hospital. Contact us to schedule the delivery time.

The List of necessary equipment:

1. Rehabilitation treadmill (INSPORTLINE NEBLIN)
2. Wooden bars with obstacles
3. Trainer for restoring walking skills
4. Continuous passive joint movement system.
- ankle
- foot
- radiocarpial
5. Ceiling lift
6. Trainer "Air walk"
7. MOTOmed
8. Strength trainer for different muscle groups.
9. Rehabilitation cage
10. Mechanical hand and foot simulators
11. Dynamic verticalizer
12. Rehabilitation stairs
13. Orbitrek
14. Platform step with height adjustment
15. Rubber balls of different diameters from 3 to 30 cm.
15a. Bean-shaped ball, 15v. Fitballs with a diameter of 55, 65, 75 cm.
16. Gymnastics sticks of different hardness and length.
17. Finger rehabilitation simulator
18. Slippers, hoop-shaped expanders with handles
19. Mats, gymnastics mats.
20. Adaptive dressing and footwear devices.
21. Dumbbells 0.5; 1; 2; 3; 4; and 5 kg.
22. Breathing simulator
23. Sofa 2 x 2 m. and 2 x 2.5 m.
24. Balance pillows and platforms, balance disc
25. Weights 0.5; 1; 1.5; 2; 3; 4; and 5 kg.
26. Spirometer, dynamometer
27. Rehabilitation stool with wheels
28. Nordic walking poles
29. Climbers
30. External fixation devices for bone fractures.
31. Arthroscopic Meniscal Biters
32. Kirschner Wire Cutter
33. Electrocoagulador
34. iCare IC100 Ophthalmic Tonometer
35. Straight ophthalmoscope
36. A set of trial glasses lenses.
37. Interacoustics MT10 Impedance Audiometer
38. Elevator for the seriously ill
39. Electromyograph
40. Portable ultrasound device
41. Operations Ceiling Lamp
42. SIPAP Infant Flow non-invasive pulmonary ventilation device
43. Pulse oximeters
44. Audiometer for newborns.
45. Patient heating system on the operating table.
46. Surgical instruments (forceps, dissectors, scissors, needle holders, forceps, abdominal and thoracic wound expanders)
47. Laparoscopic Trocars No. 6, No. 10, No. 12
48. Laparoscopic instruments (dissector, scissors, needle holder, forceps)
49. Distractor
50. Portable and ceiling LED lamp
51. X-ray transparent hydromechanical operating table
52. 12 channel ECG
53. Functional beds
54. Nightstands for bedridden patients
55. A trolley for distributing food to patients in the wards.
56. Bedside chairs-toilets
57. Monitors to monitor the heart and respiratory systems of patients.
58. The hospital also needs a CT scan for eyes.

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