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Jöry Pauwels


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Jöry Pauwels (°1976) studied physiotherapy, manual therapy & education in teaching, continued at Flanders International College of Osteopathy, moving on from student to joint principal of Fico Osteopathy Academy & Fico MUM. In 2023 Jöry founded Osteon education and WOMA. Professionally Jöry is active at Fico, (private & Fico) clinic and high-end physical sport. Jöry teaches in a number of countries on different continents on (osteopathic) treatment concepts, education, innovations in safe & efficient mid-range manipulations: fluid build-up & non-impulse techniques and on gynecology & obstetrics. As an active OsEAN board member, Jöry is operating on a European scale. Currently Jöry enjoys his 2 children, food & drink, telemarking (white slopes and majestic mountains), traditional karate (IOGKF), (motor)cycling, rugby and golf when recovering from previous activities. Mental tranquility is found in shooting & expeditions. Jöry’s mission for the future is to further the development of OsEAN & osteopathic teaching, the expansion of Osteon & WOMA and being a father.