Alain Vermeersch


Alain Vermeersch


MSc Ost, BSc Ost, DO

Experience in osteopathy

24 years

Experience in teaching

13 years

Graduated in


Alain Vermeersch (°1976) studied Biomedical Sciences at the University of Antwerp, where he became passionate about anatomy and physiology. He changed his study direction towards physiotherapy and continued his studies at Flanders International College of Osteopathy (FICO). After graduation in 2007, he continued his studies at the VIOW, where he studied Biochemistry and Orthomolecular Sciences. Since 2010, Alain teaches numerous courses among which, anatomy, physiology, semiology, structural technique, and differential diagnosis at FICO and post-graduates in both Belgium and Poland. In 2012, he acquired his Master of Science in Osteopathic Medicine at the Dresden International University.  Next to his occupation as a teacher, Alain works in his osteopathic clinic in Antwerp, Belgium. Current projects are writing course books on physiology on an advanced medical level. Apart from his profession, Alain is trying to spend as much time as available with his wife and two kids. Mental tranquility is found is shaping sounds, composing electronic music scores, boxing, and mountaineering. His mission for the future is to encourage the knowledge and fascination in the students, to encourage his kids in the decisions they make and to enjoy every little thing in life.


Physiology, Anatomy, stress pathology visceral pathology, structural and visceral technique