Master revalidatiewetenschappen en kinesitherapie specialisatie sport, DO. Osteopathie (“specialisatie” womens health Pantha Rhei), Trainer B tumbling (VTS), Leerkracht (Specifieke leraren opleiding, CVO Antwerpen), Family acroyoga docent

Experience in osteopathy

3 years

Experience in teaching

I teach gymnastics lessons from when I had the age of 15. Afterwards I teached in secondary schools and sports courses for the “Vlaamse trainersschool”. I was assistant for 2,5 years.

Graduated in


Osteopath, physiotherapist, teacher, coach, … and mother of 3 beautiful children. 

A true multipassionist. 😉

I have a big interest in the human being and their movement. 

After 3 children my interest in, women’s health, prenatal and postnatal treatment grows. 

Also embryology, the bond between parent and kid and the development of children on a motoric, cognitive and socio-emotional level gets my interest. 

I am an entrepreneur, flexible, openminded, social, team player, honest, motivated, a student for life, there are so many interesting things a would like to know. 


  • dare to speak in front of a group
  • being patient
  • organizing
  • to see the good in every person
  • dealing with children and animation
  • creative