Naomi Dek


Naomi Dek


Osteopath D.O.

Experience in osteopathy

8 years

Experience in teaching

8 years

Graduated in


Born in Breda, Netherlands. 

In 2007 I graduated as a physiotherapist at the Avans Hogeschool in Breda, after which I immediately started working in various practices. I soon found out that I wanted more and was looking for more depth and I started studying next to my work at Flanders International College of Osteopathy (FICO) in Antwerp. The holistic view of people appealed to me. 

The combination of work and study made it possible to immediately apply the knowledge and techniques learned to the patients. 

After working as a physiotherapist for 9 years and temporarily combining 2 jobs, I took the step to focus on osteopathy and started working with patients in a practice in Oosterhout (Netherlands)

 After obtaining my diploma for osteopathy, I also started to study the treatment of (pregnant) women, babies and children with the training “Osteopathy for children”, “Women’s Health” and I regularly follow and organise various courses.

In addition to my work in practice, I am still connected to the training for osteopathy, as an assistant teacher and teacher in various subjects. This encourages me to continue to expand and fine-tune my knowledge and skills. In addition, I think it is important and beautiful to be able to share knowledge and skills with prospective osteopaths.


Helping the students to see and have an overview of "the forest made by the trees", but also to be able to see "which trees makes a forest", by applying structure, trying to reduce the complexity of the body to simple parts. 

Helping them to trust their hands and palpation. Support them in this quest.